# Donors

Donors are the people, or companies, that support your event by donating items or through sponsorships. Donors will be acknowledged on the auction website, and on printed forms, for the items they donated.

To access the Donors dashboard, click Donors from the main Auction Dashboard menu.

If you have a previous auction for your Organization, all donors are available to every auction you host. There is no need to copy donors from one auction to another. See Active and Inactive Donors for more details.

# Adding A Donor

To enter the information for an individual Donor, click Donors and then +Add New Donor.


Enter the information for the new Donor. You can enter as much, or as little, information as you want... the Name field is the only required detail that needs to be added.


Click Save Donor to save the changes.

For more information, see the Adding Donors page.

# Optional Donor Fields

There are a number of fields you can provide for donors:

  • Website:
    You can link a website to the Donor’s name and whenever the donor is shown online it will be linked to that address.
  • Acknowledge publicly
    Donors will only be shown on the website or printed forms if the Acknowledge publicly checkbox is checked. This should be checked by default for new donors.
  • Donor Address
    To show or hide the Donor’s Address information, click the Address heading to expand and enter the address of the donor. By default, the Show address publicly checkbox is selected. Currently the show address field only affects the printed gift certificates.

The images tab displays images that have been uploaded for the Donors, such as a company logo or brand logo. By adding an image of the Donor's logo, that image will be available to be included in the auction catalog and on some printed forms.



# Active & Inactive Donors

A newly added donor will be inactive until an Items or Donor Donations & Sponsorships is recorded to them in this auction. This is this case even for Donors that that were entered specifically into this auction. See Active and Inactive Donors for more information.

Last Updated: 8/28/2019, 9:18:22 PM