You can track ticket sales (for event admission) and provide e-tickets to guests that allow them to pre-register credit cards and update their contact information before the event.


The concept of a Ticket in Auctria is reserved for an event admission ticket.

Raffle tickets that you are selling online are handled as a simple for sale item, they are not considered tickets.

Likewise items like concert or sports tickets that are in the auction are treated as normal ticket items and not under the Tickets feature.

To add a ticket item click on Tickets then Add New Ticket Item


Tickets are always created as For Sale Items and have all the normal item fields such as a title, description, value, etc.

In addition there are a number of fields that apply specifically to tickets:

  • Admission Tickets Included
    This is the key field that identifies an item as a ticket item if it is set to non-zero/blank. For a single ticket item this would be set to 1, or for a table it represents the number of guests included in the table.

  • Always link new guests
    This field is used if you want all the guests associated with a sale of this item to share a bidder# automatically. Typically this is used for a couples ticket.

  • Create a table when sold
    If this ticket item represents a whole table and you are using Auctria to track tables & seating, then check this box and the table will automatically be created and the guests seated at it. See Tables and Seating for more details.

Multiple Ticket Items

You can create as many ticket items as you need.

A common requirement is to have an early bird ticket and regular tickets. You can use the override online bidding start/end fields on the ticket item to control when they are available for sale.


For the early bird ticket item set the override online bidding ends at field to be when you want to stop selling it.

For the regular ticket set the override online bidding starts at field to be when you want to start selling that ticket.


If you are selling sponorships and they include admission tickets as one of the perks, then the sponsorships should be created as ticket items.

See the Tickets section for more details.

Advanced Usage

Offering Discounts

You can define a coupon code that can be given to bidders to offer either a % of fixed $ discount. See Coupon Codes for more details.

Limiting Ticket Sales

You can set the quantity field per item to limit the number of that item that will be sold. But if you need to limit the number of tickets sold across different ticket items (eg. you can sell 300 tickets in any combination of individual or tables) then you will need to use the basket feature to track total sales. See Combine For Sale Items for more details.

Online Ticket Sales

Adding a new ticket item will configure it automatically to be listed on the Tickets page of the default website templates.

The next step will handle the creation of the website.

Last Updated: 12/4/2018, 4:51:16 AM