# Items

You can define/edit item pricing, description, and details, categories to organize items.

Items have many fields available, but in general if you don't know what something does you can leave it set to the default.

Item Types are pre-set by Auctria with specific functionality assigned to each type. See Understand Item Types to learn what the different types are.

To add a new item click on Items on the left, then click + Add New Item


See also Add New Item for more detailed information.

# Required Fields

If you want to quickly add an item and then fill in the details later, you only need to define the three required fields before saving the item.


# Item#

The system assigns one automatically, or you can manually assign one. The item number must be unique and can include number and letters. For example, a "ticket" item can have the item#, for examples, TICKET, Ticket10, 001T, etc.

You can also "Renumber Items", if needed. See Item Numbering for more details on this feature set.

# Title

The item must have a title... a one-line descriptive name for the item. The Title will be used to identify the item on Bid Sheets, in Bidder Statements, and in the Auction Catalog.

# Type

The item type controls how the item behaves. See Item Types under Items Concepts for more details.

# Optional Fields

The remaining fields on the page are optional. You can fill in the information you need and leave the rest blank. Commonly used fields include:

  • Description - a longer text providing more information about an item. When shown online, any URLs in the description will be converted to clickable links.
  • Category - a field to help you organize the items in your auction. An item can only have one category. See Categories for more details.
  • Tag - tags are used to filter information in an item search, and reports. An item can have multiple tags. See Tags for more information.
  • Value - the monetary value of an item. It can be shown in the catalog, or on bid sheets. If the value is left blank, or set to 0, the value will be not shown. If you enter -1 in the field, it will be displayed as Priceless when the value is publicly visible.
  • Donor - the person, or company, providing a donated item. See Donors for more information.
  • Quantity - the number of the item you have available. Leave blank for an unspecified quantity. You would only need to specify this when you have more than one of the item available.
  • Allow multiple winners - for items that are won by bidding (i.e. the type is silent/live/online) and multiple winners allowed. This is generally used when the "Quantity" value is greater than 1.

For more in-depth details on all of the item fields, see Item Reference.

Click Save Item after entering the relevant item information. All item information can be edited at a later time using its specific Item Details page.

# Adding More Items

You can add items manually using the Add New Item page. Items can also be added using the following methods:

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