# Understand Item Types

Items are crucial to all events in Auctria and one of the first tasks is to add the items you need.

When you create items, you must set the item to be one of the Auctria Item Types.

The Item Types are pre-set by Auctria with specific functionality assigned to each type. Before you set up your items, it is best to understand the different items types. The item type of an item can be changed at any time.

The most commonly used Item Types are Silent, Live, and Online. One way to decide if these types are what you are looking for and which to use is to consider where the final bidding for the item will be taking place:


  • Silent Items are sold via a paper bid sheet at your event but may have online pre-bidding before the event.
  • Live Items are included in a "live" auction with an auctioneer but may have online pre-bidding before the event.
  • Online Items are used when all bidding happens online via the event Website, the Auctria Mobile App, or (optional) Text Messages based bidding. It may happen over a long period or all happen during the actual auction/event.
  • Partial Items are used to build Baskets & Packages. These are often items that have been donated but which are not being sold on their own.
  • For Sale Items are items you are selling for a "fixed price" but are generally not auctioned items. "For Sale" items are most commonly used for auction Tickets, raffle tickets, food, T-shirts, etc.
  • Donation Items are used for collecting donations such as a "Paddle Raise", or for projects that bidders can donate to but which they don't actually win.
  • Raffle Prize Items are for "prizes" awarded to a bidder without a cost as part of a raffle, or similar event.

Baskets can be set up as an item type of either silent, live, online or for sale. "Baskets" are not an item type in and of itself.

See Item Types under "Concepts" for more detailed information.

Last Updated: 3/30/2020, 5:07:05 PM