Credit Cards

Credit card processing in Auctria requires connecting a payment processing account with a supported processor. Currently we support Stripe and Authorize.Net.

Opening an online account is generally a straight forward and online process, but does require verifying your identity and that you can process charges for the organization you represent.

See the section on Credit Cards for more details on how to set up card processing.


If you have an account with another payment processor like Square or PayPal then these can not be connected to Auctria.

You can however use them at checkout if you enter the payment details directly into their app.

The payments would then be recorded in Auctria via the Checkout page in the same way as a cash or check payment is handled.

Until a credit card processing account is connected none of the credit card features will be enabled on the website or payment pages.


Auctria does not support capturing raw credit card numbers.

All integrated card processing is handled securely and in a PCI compliant manner through the connected payment processor. Once a card# has been entered it is impossible to retrieve the original card number again.

Cards can be registered against a bidder and charged in future, but you can't see the number again.

Last Updated: 3/25/2019, 1:28:26 PM