# How to renumber items so that they are grouped by category?

When entering items you can assign them item categories to group them by in the catalog.

However, as items are entered when the arrive their item#'s are often not contiguous within a category.

The item renumbering page can be used to reassign item#'s so that they are grouped by category.

To set this up click on Items in the left hand menu and then Numbering


In this example we want to renumber our silent auction items only so that the first category starts at 100, 101, 102, ... and the next category at 200, 201, 202, etc

There are four fields to set in the top part of the page:


In the bottom part of the page use the Choose Items control to select just the silent items.

Use the menu icon to choose the Selected Items Types option for how the items will be selected:


And select just the silent type:


Finally click on Renumber Items to actually trigger the renumbering:


The results page will show how the items were renumbered.

Last Updated: 4/16/2020, 1:51:21 PM