What occurs when online bidding time ends?

Items will use the auction default online bidding end time unless there is a value set for the 'override bidding end time' field on that item.

When the Online Bidding End Time for an item is reached, Online Items will close.

For these Online Item, an Item Won Notification is sent to the winning bidder, by default, unless it was turned off under Website -> Online Bidding in the Notifications section.

For live/silent items that had online pre-bidding enabled, the system will not close the bidding when the online bidding period ends. Live/silent items will only close when you record a bid with the 'final bid' box checked on the bidding/sales page, or the item is explicitly closed.

For items with pre-bidding, bids will no longer be accepted online, but the items are still open. The highest bidder does not receive a notification that the online bidding is closed.

Last Updated: 12/7/2018, 4:26:29 AM