Can I Merge Two Bidder Records?

Yes, two bidder records can be merged into a single bidder record.

The bidder information, including history and activity, will be combined into the "first" record and the "second" record will be deleted. The first, or "initiator bidder record", is the bidder record where you initiated the merger and the record that is kept including bidder#.

Where there is a conflict of information, such as two different addresses, the initiator bidder's information will override.

Where there are two different email addresses, the first bidder's email will override and the second email address will be deleted. The bidder will not be able to sign-in online using the second email.

How-to Merge Bidders

  1. Start with the bidder you want to keep. This will be the "first" bidder.

  2. Select the first bidder and open their Bidder Details screen.

  3. Under the Editing sidebar menu, click Merge Bidders.

  4. A pop-up screen will appear where you can choose the "second" bidder from a drop-down selector. Click Merge or Cancel.

  5. A confirmation pop-up will appear (referencing both bidders), click Continue or Cancel.


The second bidder record will be deleted.
The bidder# will not be re-issued automatically.
This operation is not reversible.


Last Updated: 8/1/2019, 7:26:04 PM