What is the is the difference between linking and merging bidders?

The merge bidder function is designed to collapse two bidder records into a single bidder record. One record will be deleted. If there is conflicting information in a field (eg. address), then only one result is stored and the other is deleted. The bidder activity from each record will be combined to the one record. This function is used when two bidders records are created for the same guest, so there is only one email and meal choice that is needed.

The link bidder function is intended to connect two bidders in a couple. It will just change the bidder# of the 2nd bidder to be the same as the first. Each guest will continue to have an individual record that would contain unique information (such as phone number).

If capturing meal choices, the bidders should each be entered and their records linked.

Merge Bidders and Link Bidders are available under the Bidder Details page.


Last Updated: 12/10/2018, 6:22:56 PM