How do bidders pay?

Each Auction can determine how they would like their bidders to pay.

For items bought/won through the website, this article assumes that they are using Stripe for Credit Card processing and credit card payment is expected.

Items defined as Online

  • Payment is made after the item is closed.

  • The amount is charged to the credit card by either being:
    Initiated by Bidder.
    - the bidder can sign into the website and view their account and pay.
    - the bidder Statement email contains a pay online
    - the item won (online) email contains a link to the website to pay

    Initiated through Auction dashboard
    - the Admin user can initiate batch checkout. The batch checkout will process a payment equal to the outstanding balance for each bidder. See Batch Checkout

Items defined as For Sale

  • Bidders do not have to register first, a bidder record will be created to track the purchase if necessary
  • The purchase amount is charged to the credit card when the Purchase steps are complete.
  • The bidder can choose to save the card (checked by default) but they can also choose to clear it in which case the card isn't saved.
Last Updated: 12/7/2018, 4:26:29 AM