# How To Track Visitors 2019

If you want to Track Visitors to your website, you can integrate a free Google Analytics account.

The first step is setting up a Google Analytics account where you will get a tracking code in the form UA-nnnnnn-n.

If you need a URL for your set-up it would be best to use the long form version of the URL. It starts with https://event.auctria.com/ and is followed by the event identifier (a string or numbers and letters).

# Connecting Google Analytics

Click on the Auction Website link to access Old Website Editing.

Open the Content Editor sidebar (3 cogs icon) and at the bottom of the panel click on the Site settings button to open its dialog box.


In the Site Settings window enter your Google Analytics Id and click Save.


The id will be in the form UA-nnnnnn-n. You will not need to enter the full string they provide.

Once set-up, you should see visits start to be reported in the Google Analytics interface.


Last Updated: 2/5/2020, 3:29:43 PM