# Use Multiple Websites 2019

You can have multiple websites associated with a single auction. For example, additional websites could be used for:

  • testing ideas, or design concepts, while the main website is live
  • setting up a different website after the event is over
  • promoting websites with a different emphasis to different groups

# All Websites

To see all the websites for an event, click All Websites on the main website page.


The All Websites window lists all websites for the specific event.

Each website generated can be given a name, and comments, to help identify its purpose and focus.


# Default Website

One website is designated as the default website. This website is the primary one used in emails being automatically generated by the system if a link back to the website is automatically generated in the email content.

For example:

  • Out Bid and Won Item notifications

# Change default site

To set a different website listed for the auction to the default, click the options icon (3 dots) at the far right. In the drop-down control menu, click Make default site.


The default website will be at the top of the listed sites and have a green dot beside it.

Last Updated: 11/16/2020, 6:01:08 PM