# Purchase/Registration 2019

The Purchase/Registration element handles bidders registering online for the event, which can include purchasing tickets or other items and making donations.

If online bidding is enabled then bidders would register and create an account and password so they can sign-in again later. For other types of events bidders do not have to create an account.

Bidder Registration allows you to:

  • Capture participant contact data, including email, address, and phone numbers.
  • Allow bidders to set-up accounts for online bidding or pre-bidding.
  • Accept cash donations or donations for specific projects.
  • Register credit cards (if using our Integrated Credit Card Processing).
  • Sell tickets and other items.
  • Prompt participants for meal choices and seating preferences at events.
  • Gather contact details for additional guests attending the event
  • Collect comments and recommendations.

# Registration Screens:

# With Tickets & Donations


# Registration Only


# Account Set Up


# Getting Started

# Event Website

Guests will use the event website to register or purchase tickets or other items.

To create a public website for your event see Creating A Website 2019

When creating the website you can choose the template that most closely matches the style of the event. For registration the important questions are whether you are selling tickets and will have online bidding.

# Tickets

For a full discussion of the ticket features see Tickets.

You can create ticket items to offer to bidders via the Tickets page in the dashboard.

# Purchase/Donation Items

You can create items that represent other items you want to offer to bidders. This might include raffle tickets, or requests for donations.

You can have multiple pages that offer these items to bidders and configuring the purchase/registration element can be fairly complicated.

The default website generated from the templates will contain a single purchase page configured to show those for-sale or donation items that have the Show during bidder registration option checked on their item details page.

# Payment

Any tickets or donations can be paid for immediately online if credit card processing is enabled for your account. Before promoting your event website make sure that credit card processing is in live mode.

If not, you can allow bidders to add their purchases to their account and pay for them later.

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