# Add New Element 2019

The website content editor makes it easy to customize your website using drag-and drop functionality for the available elements.

You can add, and customize, anything from text blocks to an item catalog, to a sponsor page, and more using the content editor.

# Open the Content Editor

To access the content editor, click the red (three cogs) icon.


Click the toggle arrow (next to the second Content item listed), and browse through the list of available elements.

# Add an element


The process to add an element is the same for all elements.

# Select and Drag

Select the element you want to add, and drag it to the page where you want it to appear.


# Drop in Place


# Move

If the element isn't where you want it to be on the page, you can move it up or down. Hover the mouse pointer over the element, its outline and controls appear. Click the Move Up or Move Down arrow to move the element in the direction you want its order to be changed in the layout.


Each element has different customizations available via its Settings control option. See Modify Element Settings 2019 for more information.

Last Updated: 1/20/2020, 3:30:39 PM