# Template Page 2019

The Template page is a special operational page found in the Content Editor. The template is never shown, or made directly available to users, but instead it is used as a building block mechanism for other pages.

Any elements that you add to the template page will be shown on all the other pages. Most often the template page is used to add your header, logo, or any contact information you want in the footer.

# Edit the Template

To access the Template for editing, open the Content editor and select Template (at the bottom of the page list).


The template page is shown in editor mode.


Use drag and drop functionality to Add New Element 2019 to the template.

For example, to add text to every page in the website, you can add a text element to the template.

When finished, the element will appear on all pages of the website.

# Template Elements

Since Template elements are visible on every page, you can edit their settings and content from any page. The Settings window will indicate you are working on a template element.

Any changes you make to a Template element on one page will affect all other pages as well.


# Moving Template Elements

Template elements can only be dragged to a new position while editing the Template page. If you are editing a different page, you will not be able to drag elements pinned to the Template.

Last Updated: 1/20/2020, 3:27:42 PM