# Copy A Page 2019

You can create a new page that is a copy of an existing page.
All the (non-template) elements on the page will be copied to the new page as well.

# Copy Page

To use the Copy Page feature, hover your mouse pointer over the Content Editor icon (three red cogs) to open the Content Editor panel, and click the Copy Page button under the list of current pages at the bottom of the panel.


The Copy page window works in the same way as the Add A Page 2019 window.

  • Enter a Name for the page. This will be used as the page's navigation menu link name.
  • Add to menu? will automatically add a link to this page to all menus, if checked (the default).


Click the Copy Page blue button to save and close the "Copy page" window. Click Cancel to close the "Copy page" window without creating a copy of the original page.

Last Updated: 1/20/2020, 3:26:09 PM