# Item Details 2019

When a website visitor clicks on a catalog item, the catalog's item details page appears.


To ensure that the item displays properly, most settings cannot be changed.

There are some display options that you can control, including the ability for bidders to star an item, as well as share an item on social media.


To change the Catalog Item Detail Display options, click Settings.


The Settings window appears.


# Options

These settings allow you to control some of the display options.

  • Show social media buttons
  • Show 'favourite' star
  • Show item type
  • Show item location
  • Show partial descriptions
  • Show sold price
  • Image refresh period

# Source

This option is used, if a bidder arrives on this item details page by clicking on the item in the catalog then the selected item will be shown.

If you are using this page to show details about a single item then enter the Fixed item# here.

# Save Settings

After editing the settings, click Save to continue making changes to the element, or click Save & close to save the element and close its Settings window.

Click Cancel to not save any of your changes and close the Settings window.

Last Updated: 1/20/2020, 3:14:29 PM