# File Download 2019

The File Download element lets you attach a file to your website for visitors to download. As an example, you may have a promotional flyer to share.

# Add File Download

To add the File Download element, open the Content editor and select the Elements section.

Under Elements, click Others and select the File Download element and then drag and drop it onto the website page. See Add New Element 2019 for more information.


A placeholder image of a file is added to the website page.

# Edit File Download

To upload the file and add text, click Settings.


In the Settings window, click Upload File


The Choose File window appears.

To choose a file from your computer, click Choose File and browse to find it.

After uploading the file, enter the text that you want to appear next to the file icon in the Label field.


# Save Settings

After editing the settings, click Save to continue making changes to the element, or click Save & close to save the element and close its Settings window. The website page will show the icon and the label you entered. When a visitor clicks it, the file will download.


Click Cancel to not save any of your changes and close the Settings window.

Last Updated: 1/20/2020, 3:12:27 PM