# Donors and Sponsors 2019

To add Donors and/or Sponsors to a website page, open the Content editor and select the Elements section.

Under Elements, click Donors, and then select the Donors display or Sponsors display element and then drag and drop it onto the website page. See Add New Element 2019 for more information.


# Modifying Text and Images

Your Donors, or Sponsors, page element may include dynamic and static content.
Try double-clicking on the text to see if it will open an editor to change it.

If the editor does not open when double-clicking on the text see below for additional instructions on where to find the text in the Donor database.


The text and images shown for each Donor, or Sponsor, are considered dynamic content and is retrieved from the Name and Image defined for each Donor.

Donors who have Acknowledge publicly enabled in their Donor SUMMARY tab will be included as Donors on the website.


To edit the Donor "Name", or their "Acknowledge publicly" preference, see Donor Details.

To add an image to the Donor profile, see Add Images to Donors.

# How Sponsors are defined in Auctria

Sponsors are defined as Donors that have made a sponsorship donation. A "sponsorship" donation is a donation that is defined as a Sponsorship type. See Donor Donations & Sponsorships for more information.

The text for the sponsorship is retrieved from the description of the Donation.

The image is retrieved from the Donor that made the sponsorship donation.

Donors with a sponsorship Donation that has "Acknowledge" set to Yes will be included as Sponsors on the website.


To see all sponsorships, open the Donor Dashboard and select All Donations under the Donations.


On the Donations list, review the SPONSORSHIP column.
The green dots in this column represent Donations that are Sponsorships.


You can select a row and click View Record to make changes to the sponsorship donation as needed.

See Donor Donations & Sponsorships for more information.

# Edit Display Settings

To change how the Sponsors and Donors are listed, click Settings.


# Options

The Options tab allows you to set how the Donor list is displayed.


  • Display Style - controls whether the Donors are shown in "Block style" like a grid with multiple Donors per row, or as a "List style" with one Donor per row.
  • Donors per page - number of Donors shown on a single page.
  • ON/OFF: - toggle/slider option to controls that will be shown in the Donors navigation/filters area.
    • Show top pager - shows page navigation at top of page for multi-page Donor lists.
    • Show bottom pager - shows page navigation at bottom of page for multi-page Donor lists.

# Source

The Source tab settings define the Donors that can be displayed.


Donor Filters

  • Show only donors who donated:
    • Use the "Items" and "Donor donations" checkboxes, as needed, if you do not wish to include those Donors.
  • Filter on donor tags:
    • Matching Mode allows you to define if the Donor should have the tag(s) or not.

# Sorting

The Sorting tab settings control which criterion is used to order the Donors list, and whether they are displayed in ascending or descending order.


  • Sort order - select "Name", "Value", or "Receiptable Value" from the drop-down selector.
  • Sort direction - select "Ascending" or "Descending" from the drop-down selector.

For example, to set the list to show in the order of highest "Value" donation, or sponsorship, first and lowest value last: set Sort order as "Value"; and, set Sort direction as "Descending".

# Save Settings

After editing the settings, click Save to continue making changes to the element, or click Save & close to save the element and close its Settings window.

Click Cancel to not save any of your changes and close the Settings window.

Last Updated: 1/20/2020, 3:11:49 PM