# Catalogs 2019

The Catalogs element is dynamic content. The catalog displays select items from the Items database in Auctria. As you make changes to the items in Auctria, the items in your website catalog will be updated.

You can add more than one catalog element to your website. If you want to divide the catalog, for example, you can show Online Items in one catalog and Live Items and/or Silent Items in a separate catalog.

To insert a Catalogs element, open the Content editor and click the Elements section.

Under Elements, select the Catalogs element you want to add, then drag and drop it onto the website page. See Add New Element 2019 for more information.


# Catalog Settings

The catalog element appears with all items included, unless the Item has the option Exclude from catalog selected in the Auctria database. See Edit Item Details and the Exclude from catalog section for more information.

Click Settings to configure the catalog.


# Options

The Options tab allow you to set how the catalog is displayed. See below for an example.


  • Display style - controls whether the items are shown "Block style" as a grid with multiple items per row; or, as a "List style" with one item per row.

  • Items per page - sets the number of items shown on a single page.

  • ON/OFF: - toggle/slider option to controls that will be shown in the catalog navigation/filters.

    • Show top pager - shows page navigation at top of page for multi-page catalogs.
    • Show bottom pager - shows page navigation at bottom of page for multi-page catalogs.
    • Show search box - displays the search box.
    • Show item categories menu - displays the Categories drop-down selector.


# Source

The Source tab settings control which items are shown in the Catalog. Click Source to see the options available.


  • Item Types - allows you to select the type of items that are shown in the Catalog. For example, you can set the Catalog to show only online items and not silent or live items.
  • Item Categories - allows filtering by item category. For example, you can have a Catalog that only shows items in an "Electronics" category, assuming you have one designated as such.
  • Item Filters - select or clear different filters to include/exclude items from the catalog.
    • Highlighted Items Only
    • Pre-bidding Items Only
    • Open Items
    • Closed items
    • Sold Items
    • Unsold Items
    • Filter on item tags
      • Matching Mode allows you to define if the item should have the tag(s) or not.

# Groups

The Groups tab settings control how bidders can filter the Catalog relevant to the items they have activity recorded on, for example, "Items I've Bid On" or "Items I've Starred".

See the screen capture below for some example settings of how Groups can be configured for the specific catalog. These settings then appear as options in the "Show me" drop-down selector of the catalog.



To add a new Groups criteria option, click the Add New Entry button.

Select the items to show from the dropdown menu.


Enter the name for the new Groups option. Click Save (blue check mark) when finished.


The new group will be added to the options shown to a bidder in the catalog.

# Sorting

The Sorting tab settings control the criterion used to order the items shown in the catalog as well as whether they are displayed in ascending or descending order.


# Display

The Display tab settings let you hide information that you don't want shown in the online catalog. There are toggle slider options for each of the following (where ON means hidden).

  • Hide item #
  • Hide item images
  • Hide item values
  • Hide item category
  • Show a bid button directly in the catalog but only for items open for online bidding
  • Show the price the item sold for once bidding closes


Also see Global Website Options under the "Website Options" section.

# Events

The Events tab settings control what happens when you click on a catalog item. The default is no action, it will open the item details although you can set the Event to a page so when a visitor clicks on the catalog item they are directed to that page.

# Save Settings

After editing the settings, click Save to continue making changes to the element, or click Save & close to save the element and close its Settings window.

Click Cancel to not save any of your changes and close the Settings window.

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