# Text and Video 2019

To add, and customize, the side-by-side text and video element, open the Content editor, and select Basic Content.

Select the Side-by-side text & video element and then drag and drop it onto the website page. See Add New Element 2019 for more information.


Placeholder text and a placeholder video will appear on the web page.

# Edit text

The text portion of an element is initially created with placeholder text which you will want to customize. To edit the placeholder text, double-click on on the text to open the Edit Content window.


Type over the placeholder text and use the toolbar to format the text in the Edit Content window.

Make changes to the text as needed, then click the Save changes button. Click the Cancel button to close the Edit Content window without making any changes.

# Change the video

Click Settings.


If you click on the video, it will start playing.


The Settings window will appear.

To change the video:

  1. Select Customize.
  2. Next, click in the white space to the left of the video. The Customize window will show video information.
  3. Select a source from the drop-down selector (YouTube or Vimeo) and enter the movie or video ID. Do not use the full url.


# Save Settings

After editing the settings, click Save to continue making changes to the element, or click Save & close to save the element and close its Settings window.

Click Cancel to not save any of your changes and close the Settings window.

Last Updated: 1/20/2020, 3:03:03 PM