# Images 2019

To add, and customize, image elements, open the Content editor and select the Basic Content option.

Select the Image element, and drag and drop it onto the website page.
See Add New Element 2019 for more information.


A "No image available" placeholder will appear on the page. Click the element Settings control option.


The Settings window will appear. Click Upload Image.

# Image

The Choose File window will appear.


  • To choose a picture from your computer, click the My Computer option and browse to find it.
  • To use a picture from a website, click on the Link (URL) option and enter the image's web address.
  • To take a picture with your device to be used, click on the Take Picture option and Capture the image.


After uploading the image, it will appear in the Settings window.


To change the Image Size, add Alt Text, or Link to a Web Address, click Options button.

# Options

Under the Options tab, you can set the image "Width" and "Height" to different values than the image's native size.

You can add "Alt Text" as needed. Leaving these values as blank will use the image's native values.

If you set the "Links to" Web Address option, you will be able to enter a URL in the "Web Address" field. Setting the "Open link in a new tab" option to ON will set the behavior when a visitor clicks on the image to open a new browser tab/window.


# Save Settings

After editing the settings, click Save to continue making changes to the element, or click Save & close to save the element and close its Settings window.

Click Cancel to not save any of your changes and close the Settings window.

# Editing Existing Images

To re-open the image specific settings of an existing image to edit, double-click on the image itself.

Last Updated: 1/20/2020, 2:59:29 PM