# How do I add a page asking bidders for donations?

Through the auction website, Bidders can bid to donate money generally or through a donation item. You can

  • Add a new Donations Page and/or
  • Configure Purchase/Registration Element.

I. Adding a New Donations Page

  1. To Add a Donation Page to the auction website, move your mouse over the Settings icon and click on the blue Add Page button, with the plus sign, under the list of current pages. Enter the page name and add to menu.'


  2. Add Purchase/Registration Element

You will need to add a Purchase/Registration Element to the page
From the Content menu on the left, select Elements - Purchase/Sales and drag the Purchase/Registration element to the page.


II. Configure Purchase/Registration Element for Donations
The Purchases/Registration element must be configured for donations. To access the Settings, move the mouse over the element and click the settings element.


  1. Update Purchase/Registration Tab

There must be at least one step under the Purchases tab. To add a new step, on the Purchases tab click on Add Step.


a) To Donate Generally:

Set "Ask bidders for a donation" to "On". These will be recorded as just bidder donations with no items.

To edit the title "donation" on the Purchase page, you can double click on the text and it will open in the Text Editor.


b) display Donation Items:

Creating Donation Items provide more text/images around the donation or multiple items can be created.

From the Auction Dashboard, create an Item with type equal to donation.

Next, update the Purchase/Registration element -> Purchases Select Items Shown = "Specific Items shown below".


It will display on the webpage as


You can see the donations through Reports -> Financial -> Bidder Donations and Bidder Donation Summary. The report lists the donation items and the line with blank 'Item' description are the general donations.

Last Updated: 10/10/2019, 4:11:01 PM