# Old Website Editor (archived)

The Auction website is managed from the auction Website Dashboard 2019 and auction Website Editor. Both are necessary and which is used depends on the task at hand.

# Editing the Website

When your public auction website has been created, you can view and edit the website through the auction Website Editor tool. The editor tool is used to customize your website.

The website will open in "Editor mode" which will allow you to make updates and changes to the site. There is more information on customizing the website under Old Website Editing.

From the auction Website Editor you can accomplish tasks like the following:

  • identify which items will be displayed, and/or sold, on specific web pages
  • update the website home page
  • add a donation button
  • set required fields for registration and purchases
  • customize text and images in each element
  • add/delete website elements
  • customize the template page


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Last Updated: 6/9/2020, 3:47:14 PM