# Troubleshoot the Offline Client

# Viewing Logs

If you run into issues with the offline client, there is diagnostic logging available. Click Offline Status, and then click the Logging tab.

Click View Log.

If you need to contact Auctria.com for support, it is useful to copy and paste the contents of this log into your email. You can contact us at help@auctria.com.


You can also view logs on the Advanced tab of the Offline Client application.


# Clearing the cache

If you are having trouble with the offline client syncing to the web site, and there are no changes in the offline client, you can reset the local cache.

Click on the Advanced tab of the offline client application.

Do not clear the local cache if you have changes in the offline client that are not showing on the web site.

If you run into problems with changes that won't sync please contact help@auctria.com.

Click the Delete local cache button to clear the locally cached data and cause everything to be downloaded from the web site again. You will need to re-enter the account credentials as shown on the Configure the Offline Client page.


# Resetting the security permissions

As part of the install process, certain security settings are automatically configured.

If something went wrong during the installation process, or these settings get reset somehow, you can re-apply the changes by clicking Reset security permissions.


Last Updated: 3/10/2020, 4:16:37 PM