# Access the Offline Client

You can run the offline client from the start menu, under Programs.


Starting the offline client for the first time may take a few minutes while it finalizes the installation. When this process is complete, you will see the application window.


There are three tabs:

  • This machine - to access the client from your machine
  • Local network - gives you the address to use for machines on your local network
  • Advanced - allows you to view logs, delete the local cache, and reset security permissions.

# From your computer

To access the offline client from the machine that it is installed on, choose the This machine tab and click the Access Auctria button.


Clicking the button will open a web browser window pointed at your local machine running a copy of Auctria Offline Client.

The web address you can use to access the offline client from the your local machine is http://localhost:9001/


This address will only work on the machine the offline client is installed on.


# From the local network

To access the offline client from another machine on the same network, click the Local Network tab.

The address shown can be entered into a web browser on another machine to access the offline client.


# Troubleshooting connection problems

If you have trouble connecting to the offline client from another machine, but it works fine on the machine itself, there are a couple of things to check.

  1. Disable any extra security software you may have running. The offline client will open the correct ports in the Windows firewall but if you have a 3rd party firewall installed then you may need to disable it specifically.

  2. Check the IP address of the machine you are using.

    1. You can do this by opening a command prompt on the machine running the offline client (click on Start, type cmd and press Enter)

    2. Type ipconfig into this window and press enter,


      The IP address should be listed under the Local Area Connection section, typically it will begin with 192.168.NNN.NNN or 172.16.NNN.NNN

      In this example the IP address is, so you can connect to the offline client using the address from other machines on the local area network.


      If you reboot the computer, the IP address being used might change.

      # Before you log in for the first time

      If this is the first time you are running the offline client you must first Configure the Offline Client.


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