# System Emails

You can modify the System Emails sent to bidders and donors by clicking on Communication -> Edit System Emails


To edit a specific template click the Edit link which will open it in the Email Editor 2019

You can also preview each template using sample data.

The options link will let you customize the subject for each email.

# Editing Templates

You can use the normal Email Editor 2019 features to add text and images.

Many emails also have fixed blocks in them that provide the specifics of the particular email and these are not directly editable.

For example the bidder statement has blocks that show the items won, purchases, etc.

These are shown in the editor as a preview but can't be edited in detail.


# Block Visibility

Many of these blocks have a custom visibility set which is indicated by the eye icon


In the settings for this element you can see the condition that controls the visibility


These are used to ensure only the correct blocks are shown to the bidder.

Generally these conditions should not be modified.

Last Updated: 11/19/2019, 6:09:33 PM