# Email Header & Footer

You can defined a standard email header and footer for your event that will be used on all emails unless you explicitly disable it.

By default the email header will use just the auction name on a colored background:


The auction name is used rather than trying to show the default auction logo because of challenges with the image size.

Many logos by default are not suitably sized for emails and end up looking very large or out of proportion.

It is best to customize the email header with a custom image designed for that purpose. We recommend an image between 900-1200px wide and around 300px tall.

To edit the email header click on Communication -> Email Manager -> Edit Email Header

This will show the email editor with the default header loaded:


The video below shows an example of replacing the default header with a custom image.

Auctria Video 2019-02-28

The default email footer will show social media icons for your event and contact email details.


To define the social media links click on Organization -> Social Media. See Social Media Links

Last Updated: 5/20/2021, 1:38:44 PM