# New Email Features (Spring 2019)

The new email features available from March 2019 are opt-in for existing events since any changes to your email templates will not be brought across automatically.

# Enabling New Email Features

To enable the new email features for your event click on Communication -> New Email Features


This page will show whether you are using the new or old email features and let you toggle between them.


After changing this setting please reload the page by clicking on the reload link or refreshing your browser.

# Enabling the new features

When you turn on the new email features any customizations you made to previous email templates will not be applied to the new templates.

There is no way to automatically migrate these over: you will need to either reapply them to the new templates or stay with the original email feature.

This includes custom content that was included in the email bidder statement and donor receipts.

Last Updated: 11/18/2019, 9:12:21 PM