# Custom Emails

You can create and send custom emails to bidders and donors by clicking on Communication -> Manage Custom Emails


To create a new custom email click on the Add Custom Email link

You can modify the name of the email by clicking on the dotted underlined text. The name is never shown to the email recipients, it is just to help you organize them.

# Editting Emails

To modify the email click on the Edit link under its name.

The default email will show just some placeholder text:


You can use the Email Editor 2019 to add your own text, images and other content to this email.

By default the email will be sent out using the standard email header and footer for your organization.

You can save and preview the changes using the buttons at the top of the page.

# Email Options

You can set the subject for your email by clicking on the Options link under its name:


This will also let you opt not to use the standard header or footer if you have included something different in this email.

# Sending Your Email

To send an email click the Send link on the right


You can choose using the dropdown at the top of the dialog whether to send the email to bidders or donors and then use the standard Choosing Bidders or Choosing Donors control to select who will receive your email.

# Copying Emails

You can copy a custom email, either within this event or into another event.

Click on the Copy link and choose the target event, or leave the selection blank to create a copy in this event.

Last Updated: 11/19/2019, 6:09:33 PM