# Send Custom Emails

You can send emails to your donors or bidders through the Communications page.

Click on Send Email.


# Edit Email


The top part of the page allows you to select who you are emailing: bidders or donors.


You can then enter the email subject and header. The header for the email is the short piece of text (a line or two) that will show as a preview of information before you click on the full email.

Below the menu bar, you can type and enter the details of the message.


To see what the message will look like use the Preview button.


Select Recipients

The bottom portion of the page allows you to select the recipients. See Choose Bidders for details on how this control works.

# Send Email

Finally, click on Send Emails on the left to send out the email to your recipients.

Last Updated: 8/27/2019, 5:15:01 PM