# Add New Item (archived)

Please see Add New Item for a more current version of this information.

Before Adding items, it's a helpful to understand Item Types.

To add a new item click Items and then Add New Item.

Add New Item

The Add Item page appears.

Add New Item

# Required Fields

If you want to quickly add an item and then fill in the details later you only need to define three (required) fields before saving:

# Item#

You can either assign an item# or let the system assign one automatically. Each item in your auction is given a unique item number (often shown as Item#). Item numbers don't have to be simple numbers. You can use combinations of numbers and letters although each item number must still be unique.

You can Renumber Items later if needed.

If you manually enter a numeric value only when creating the new item it will also update the Next assigned item# value in the main Item Dashboard. See How To Set The Next Item Number for more information.

# Title

The item must have a title, often best as a one-line descriptive name for the item. The item title will be used to identify the item on Bid Sheets, in the Bidder Statement, and in the Catalog.

# Type

The item type controls how the item behaves - see Item Types for details. You cannot change the list of available types, these types are defined by Auctria although you can change the item type defined for an item.


# Optional Fields

The remaining fields on the page are optional. You can fill in the information that you need, and leave the rest blank. Commonly used fields include:

# Description

A longer text area providing more information about an item. When shown online, any URLs in the description will be converted to clickable links.

# Value

The monetary denotation of an item. It can be shown in the catalog or on a bid sheet. If the value is left blank or marked as a $0 amount, then it will be omitted from the field. You can enter a number -1 in the field, to prompt it to be deemed as 'Priceless'.

# Donor

The person or company providing a donated the item.

# Images

Items can also have images associated with them. You can provide the image upon inputting the item field information. It can also be changed at any point. See Add and Modify Images under Edit Item Details for more information.


Images can be uploaded from your computer or be selected by providing the web address (URL) of the image. When an image is uploaded, it will be resized as needed, though the aspect ratio is never changed. For the best results we recommend using images that are approximately square. Images that are narrow and rectangular typically do not look best when formatted into the space available on the different pages.

Sometimes the older versions of Internet Explorer seem to have trouble with the image upload process. If you are using Internet Explorer, and run into problems uploading images, then we recommend trying a newer browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

# Item Options

There are a number of options that can be set for Items:

  • Is basket lot: this item is a basket item used to contain partial lot items.
    See Baskets & Packages for more information.
  • Is gift certificate: causes a gift certificate form to be generated for the item and also flags the item as a certificate on the Bidder Statement.
    See Gift Certificates for more information
  • Highlight item: causes the item to be shown on the highlights page of the online catalog and in the highlights slide show in Kiosk Mode 2019.
  • Exclude from catalog: when an item is excluded from the catalog, it won't appear in either the online or printed catalog regardless of any other settings.
  • Closing Time: for silent auction items, you can set the time when bidding on an item will stop. This can be included on the bid sheet. This is purely informational and doesn't affect online bidding.

# Save the Item

Once you have filled in the information needed, click Save Item.

If the item is added successfully you will see a confirmation message at the top of the screen and a link to the details page of the newly created item.

# Adding Items

There are a number of ways items can be added to an event.

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