# Purchase/Registration - Settings (archived)


This User Guide page is relevant for the Old Website Editor only.

The Settings tab controls general settings for the element.


# Availability


  • Restrict access to previously registered bidders
    This option can be used when you want to make a particular set of purchases only available to people already registered and signed in as bidders. In order for this to be useful, you must have a registration element on a different page configured to include registration for online bidding.

  • Always confirm bidder details, even from registered bidders
    This option requires that the contact information is displayed, and accepted, before continuing through the registration steps. The default is OFF.

  • Use as the default registration element
    It is possible to have the Purchase/Registration elements on multiple pages. If the user clicks on the Register link in the menu, these will open the page that has the default registration element. This option is generally set-up correctly by the template and you won't need to change it.

# Online bidding


If you are using the online bidding feature, bidders will need to set-up an account so they can return to the website to bid on the item multiple times.

Turning this option ON will provide an inclusive step in the registration process for the bidder to set up a password for their account if there is not one already associated with their email address.



If you are just selling Tickets, this step is unnecessary.

# Purchase Settings


This section contains options that relate to all the For Sale Items offered for purchase in this element.

  • Display Style
    Items can be displayed in a single column, two columns (side by side), or two columns with category headers.


  • Show images with purchase items
    Include the item image alongside its title. This is useful if you have an item image uploaded on the For Sale Items.

  • Show quantity remaining
    Turn OFF to hide the 'Quantity remaining' label(s) on the page for items with a limited quantity.

  • Allow 'pay later' option for purchases
    This will allow bidders to choose to pay later when making a purchase rather than paying immediately by Credit Cards.

  • Allow bidders to enter a coupon code
    Coupon codes can be used to allow discounts on items for bidders that know the coupon code. See Coupon Codes for more details.

# Customization

You can customize the Button label text on the button at the "Review Registration" screen. See the example below where the default "Complete Registration" text appears on the blue button.

You can override the start and end times for registration/purchases with the Timing option. Leave blank to use times defined under Website → Bidder Registration.


An example of the final registration completion step is below.


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