# Additional Guests (archived)


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# Additional Guests

The Additional Guests tab in the Purchase/Registration element is used set the options for requesting contact information on additional guests when a purchaser buys a ticket item with multiple admission tickets allocated to it.

There are four options:

  • Don't show - nothing is asked for (the default).
  • Ask for names only - the bidder is presented with a text box asking for the name only of additional guests. A single bidder record is created and the information will be set in the Additional Bidders field.
  • Request full details (for any number of bidders) - the purchaser can enter full contact details of each additional guest allowing them to add as many guests as they want, regardless of the quantity purchased.
  • Request full details for tickets purchased - the purchaser is prompted for guest information based on the number of tickets purchased. This is the recommended approach for ticket sales.

# Ask for names only

With this option, the bidder will see a field on the Contact Details tab for Additional Guests.


Anything entered into this field will be saved in the Additional bidders field on the bidder record that is created at the end of registration.

# Request full details (for any number of bidders)

When Request full details (for any number of bidders) is selected, bidders will be shown an additional step that allows them to add details of the additional guests they are registering.

There are options to control the information requested for the additional guests.


If this Additional Guests feature is enabled, the additional guests step will always be shown and is not tied to the number or type of ticket(s) that the bidder purchases. Likewise, the number of guests the bidder can add is not tied to the number of tickets.

When the bidder clicks on Include additional guest they will be prompted for Contact Details for the guest.


There are buttons at the top, and bottom, to allow the purchaser to include additional guests, as well as fields to navigate through on the guests they have added or wish to remove. A bidder record is created for each additional guest entered.


# Request full details for tickets purchased

Request full details for tickets purchased should only be used when using the Tickets module.

After the purchaser has entered the number of tickets they'd like to purchase, they will see a step like following example of a ticket item with 4 admission tickets included.


The purchaser can click on each guest and provide contact details for them. If an email address is provided, and sending tickets by email is enabled, the guest will receive an e-ticket in their email.


Meal choices can also be entered for each guest, as needed.


When a guest email is entered, the e-ticket that is sent to the guest will also include a link in the ticket to update their meal choice and other information, as needed.

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