# Online Ticket Sales 2019 (archived)

Auctria provides the tools to sell Event Tickets, and other For Sale Items (such as raffle tickets, sponsorships, buy-in parties, etc.) through the website.

Event Tickets, and other 'For Sale' items, are sold through a Purchase/Registration element on the website. They cannot be sold through the Online Catalog.


There are several features that are distinct to Tickets & For Sale Items.

# Bidder Registration

Bidder Registration can be set on, or off. If Bidder Registration is 'off', the bidder won't create a password to sign-in with in the future. In either case (registration on, or off), a bidder record is created for the purchaser.

# Processing Payment

When items are purchased through the Purchase/Registration element, the default is the credit card will be charged immediately. There is a setting to "allow pay later", this allows the purchaser to add the amount to their account and not pay it immediately.

# Notifications

When purchases are made online, the system will automatically send a Purchase Notifications to the Bidder. You can customize this notification in the email editor

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