# Kiosk Mode Winning Bids 2019 (archived)


This User Guide page is relevant for the Old Website Editor only.

Kiosk Mode Winning Bids provides a means to display the current winning bids for your auction. You can display this (default) webpage on a device as needed.

# Using Kiosk Mode Winning Bids

The Kiosk Mode 2019 website will display the "Kiosk Report" of winning bids.


# Editing the Kiosk Report

The Kiosk Report can be edited like other website elements. See Old Website Editing for more details.


# Report Title

The default for the report is to not have a title. If you add one it will be centered above the table.

# Report Table

The default is to use "Bids". There are options for "Bidders" and "Items".

# Report

The default report "Won Item Details (summary)" is generally best although there is a very large selection of reports to choose from.



If a Report has an "Organization Default View" set (see Default Views for more details), that will be the view displayed in Kiosk Mode as well.

# Header Font Size

This defines the Header Font Size and should be set in em.

# Body Font Size

This defines the Body Font Size and should be set in em.

# Rows per page

This sets the number of rows per page. If the number of rows exceeds this limit, the additional winning bids will be displayed based on the Refresh time per page in seconds and will continue to cycle through the winning bids returning the first page and repeating.

# Refresh time per page in seconds

This sets the time between page refreshes which works in conjunction with the Rows per page setting.

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