# Kiosk Mode 2019 (archived)


This User Guide page is relevant for the Old Website Editor only.

Use Kiosk Mode at an event for bidding or for projecting winning bids.

# First Steps: Create A New Website

The first step in using Kiosk Mode is to create a website specifically to be used to display the "Kiosk Mode" view. This website is treated differently from your auction website and would not be an address you would "publish". Click on Website and then Create Website.


Select one of the "Kiosk" templates for the new website. It is still necessary to have a Website Address which should be something distinct. It may be useful to include Kiosk in the address for easy reference and to add a Comment as well.


Click on Save Website to create the Kiosk Mode website.

To view, or edit, the website click on Website then click on All Websites.


Click on the "Kiosk" website address to enter the website editor for it. The "Kiosk" website can be edited just like any other website in Auctria. You can add your own text, images, etc., for example, you may want to provide instructions to your bidders about how the event will be run.

# Entering A Kiosk Mode Website

To use a Kiosk Mode website on a mobile device, such as a tablet or laptop, first sign into Auctria as you normally would using your administrator email address and password.

Click on Website, then click All Websites to access the list of websites. Click on the options menu (three vertical dots) icon next to the Kiosk Mode website.


You can choose to enter kiosk mode either in normal mode or unrestricted mode.

# Kiosk mode (normal)

In normal "Kiosk mode", you must provide a password to leave kiosk mode. Leaving "Kiosk mode" will allow you to re-access the admin side of the site. This is a security feature since you will likely be leaving the device unattended for bidders to use.

# Kiosk mode (unrestricted)

In unrestricted "Kiosk mode", there is no need to enter a password when exiting "Kiosk mode" making it more convenient for testing purposes. Using "unrestricted" mode is only recommended for testing purposes and the device should not be left unattended when used.

# Leaving A Kiosk Mode Website

To exit a Kiosk Mode website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Leave kiosk mode link in the bottom-right corner.


If you were in normal kiosk mode, you would see a box prompting you for a password to Leave kiosk mode as well as options to Return to kiosk mode and Sign out.


After entering your password successfully and clicking the "Leave kiosk mode" button you will be returned to the main Auction Dashboard page.

Clicking the Leave kiosk mode link in "unrestricted" mode will simply return you to the main Auction Dashboard page.

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