# Meal Choices 2019 (archived)

Meal choices are defined on the Bidder Registration page. To access this option, from the main Auction dashboard, click on Website then Bidder Registration.


Meal choices are entered as a comma separated list (without spaces) in Registration Options.


# Collecting Meal Choices

To collect meal choices from bidders you will need to enable the option in the settings of the appropriate Purchase / Registration Old Element Blocks.

Open the website editor and go to the ticket/registration page, click on Settings while hovering over the element.

On the Contact Details tab, enable the Meal choice option.


If the element is configured to request details of guests based on ticket purchases, the purchaser will also be asked for a meal choice for each of their guests.

# Reviewing Meal Choices

You can see an individual bidder's meal choice on their Bidder Details page.

You can also see a report for all bidders by clicking on Reports -> Bidders -> Meal Choices; or, you can add the "Meal choice" column to any Bidder based report (see Choosing Columns for details).


Last Updated: 7/9/2020, 3:32:53 PM