# Enable Bidder Registration 2019 (archived)

You must enable bidder registration before bidders will be able to register online, or purchase any tickets or donate on the website.

Any activity on the website that might require creating a new bidder record, for example, accepting a donation requires that bidder registration is enabled.

To turn on bidder registration click on Website -> Bidder Registration from the dashboard


Set the Allow bidders to register online setting to Yes

When using the default website templates there will also be a link available from the website editor to allow you to turn registration on and off:


After enabling bidder registration, a visitor to your website will see a Register link in the website menu, though this can be turned off in the Menu Settings.

The default templates that allow registration will also display a Register as a bidder box on each page.

These will only be shown if the visitor is not already signed in as a registered bidder.


Last Updated: 6/9/2020, 3:47:14 PM