Key Topics: Sponsors

In general, Sponsorships are sold from the Auction Website and in many cases, the Sponsorship will include a benefit for the sponsor. These benefits may be in the form of, for example, recognition on the Auction Website and/or Tickets to the "In-Person" event being held by your organization.

The key difference between a Sponsorship and a Donor donation is the Sponsorship will be, in most cases, purchased on the Auction Website and its payment will be recorded through the Auction Website without any intervention by an organizer.

The Sponsorship is generally going to be a For Sale item which means the organizers can use the Record Purchase or Sell Tickets functions as appropriate from the Auction Dashboard as well.

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Selling Sponsorships

Sponsorships in Auctria are best handled as an item bidders can purchase. In many cases, Sponsorships are also configured as Tickets since they will generally include a number of admissions to the event, especially with "in-person" event or events where the number of participants are limited.

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Sponsors And Donors

An event Sponsor is a commonly used term for a Donor that is also wanting to participate in the event as a bidder and potentially receive recognition for their contribution to the event.

Although Sponsors and Donors are essentially synonymous, if the Sponsor wants to participate in the event by being able to bid on items, for example, they will also need to have a Bidder Record.

A key difference between a Sponsor and a Donor is the Sponsor generally is making their donation and receiving something in return. For example, this may be special placement or promotional consideration on the Auction Website, Tickets to the event, or some type of For Sale item.


To accept a Sponsor via your Auction Website, they must purchase an item.
See Selling Sponsorships for more information on this.

A Donor, on the other hand, would often be making a "cash" donation or providing an item or service to the event to help raise funds or offset costs; and, although they may potentially receive recognition on the Auction Website they are not "purchasing" anything with their donation.


A Donation can be designated as a Sponsorship (this is no longer recommended) and must be done using the Add A Donor Donation function to manually accept the donation.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Key Topics: Sponsors
Learn more about Sponsors and how you can provide the opportunity for these donors to help your event.