How To Add A Pop-Up Video

To Add A Pop-Up Video you will need to add a Button element to trigger the pop-up.

Add The Button Element

You can add the Button element wherever you see as the best place. For Virtual Live Gala events you might look at adding this Button to the Live Auction Controller page.

  1. To start, insert the Button by dragging and dropping the More Column Content button into the content area you want to use.


IMPORTANT In some cases, you may need to use the Add Row function to insert a new row into the section with an appropriate number of columns and then insert the Button element.

  1. Next step is to use the Edit Element option for the Button element properties. img

  2. Clicking on the Edit Element button will open a Button window where you can set the Label and Target Type for the button. img This will be setting the Click action for the button in the same manner as if you clicked through the Add Behavior button. img In both cases, you will be using the Trigger Event option. img

  3. Finish setting the options by checking the Open video over content to create the pop-up effect; and, entering the URL for the video. Currently supported sources include YouTubeopen in new window, Vimeoopen in new window, and Twitchopen in new window.

You can also change the general look and size of the button using its many other options. See the Edit Button section of the Button element page for more details.

Last reviewed: January 2023
How To Add A Pop-Up Video