Auction Team

Your Auction Team may be just yourself or you may have a staff of volunteers and other concerned individuals that will be involved in taking care of your auction event and your guests.

In your Auction Team there may be many "roles" you might need to consider but not every role needs to be handled by a single person and some roles may need to be taken care of by more than one person.

For smaller Auction Teams it would not be uncommon for a couple of individuals to take care of all of the roles that might be involved... and not every event would need to consider every possible role. The ideal is to decide what roles you need to fill and work from that point.

The following might help with providing some additional focus for each of the types of roles an Auction Team member might need to fill.


The individual role pages (see under the Learn More section) contain many links to various parts of the User Guide. These links are not exhaustive (nor meant to be), the idea is to present some recommended reading to assist the Auction Team member(s) with getting more familiar with their role(s).


The Auction Team Organizers are the primary administrators of the auction event and have the highest User Permissions of the organization User Accounts. Organizers can, and often will, be involved in all of the roles of an Auction Team.

See Auction Team Organizers for more details and information as well as some area of focus and roles below.

Donations And Sponsorships

Donations And Sponsorships can be a significant focus for some auction events and may even have specific persons solely focused on reaching out to new and existing donors as well as soliciting items, cash donations, as well as "in-kind" donations and sponsorships.

See Auction Team Donations And Sponsorships for more details and information.


In some organizations, there may be an individual (or more) who focus mostly on the money side of the event. These Finance people may be involved in setting up credit card processing accounts, setting additional Checkout Payment Options and will often be reviewing the Financial Reports to assess where the money from the fundraiser came from as well as reconciling any expenses that may need to be accounted for.

See Auction Team Finance for more details and information.

Website Stylist

The idea of a Website Stylist is more one of focusing on how the website looks and feels. Although for the most part, anyone can create an auction website on the Auctria platform sometimes changes to the colors or layout might want to be made. There may also be additional pages to be added beyond the default template ones that will be created. This role often deals more with what is happening under the page than the content that is being displayed to the site visitors.

See Auction Team Website Stylist for more details and information.


For in-person events it is quite common for a member, or members, of the auction team to take on the role of Meeter and Greeter. This may also be something assigned to the Bidder Check-In team member(s).

Generally, for in-person events, these team members will often be focused on arriving guests and the process of checking in bidders, adding new bidders as needed, and providing some orientation for the bidders so they are comfortable with the bidding process.

See Auction Team Check-In for more details and information.

Auctioneers And Hosts

The Auctioneers and Hosts of an event are more often than not involved in the "Live" portion of the event. This is generally something seen with in-person events although there is also the opportunity to hold virtual events. This role often helps with managing a "Live" event as well as those associated ideas such as "Silent" auctions and the "Bidder Experience".

See Auction Team Auctioneer And Host for more details and information.

In-Person Event Volunteer

The In-Person Event Volunteer will generally be someone that is available within the event venue to assist bidders with questions about how they can bid such as using the Mobile App, Text Messages and/or Kiosk Mode Bidding.

See Auction Team In-Person Volunteer for more details and information.

Online Event Volunteer

The Online Event Volunteer will generally be available during an online "virtual" event to assist bidders with questions about how they can bid or other related questions about the items or how to make donations. They may also be involved in managing the Live Auction Controller for a Virtual Live Gala event.

See Auction Team Online Volunteer for more details and information.

Checkout Volunteer

The Checkout Volunteer would be focused on closing out the auction after the event. In most cases, the volunteers for this role are checking out bidders using the manual checkout processes as well as managing any last minute donations and/or payment questions.

See Auction Team Checkout Volunteer for more details and information.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Auction Team