Corporate Ticket Sales

Buying Multiple Tickets And Not Attending

There may be cases where you are selling ticket packages, especially as sponsorships, where the purchaser will not be using a ticket for themselves. This type of scenario is more commonly seen with "corporate" purchases (where a company representative pays for the tickets) although the purchaser themself might not attend the event.

Buying Tickets Online

In general, you will have a "Tickets" page or a section of a page devoted to your tickets and sponsorships (as ticket packages).


An example "Tickets" page from a demo auction website.

For this example, the purchaser wants to buy a Table of 8 tickets but will not be attending themselves; and, they would like the tickets to be purchased by their company. Afterward, they will assign tickets to their employees and others to use.

Step 1: Add To Cart

Click on the Add to cart button.


Step 2: Go To Checkout

Click on the Checkout button.


NOTE: The Quantity remaining value will not change until the sale has been completed.

Step 3: The Shopping Cart

After clicking the Checkout button The Shopping Cart Cart Summary page displays.


Step 4: Purchaser Contact Details

Use the Continue to Contact details button to move the purchasing process to its next part, this will open the "Contact Details" part of The Shopping Cart.


NOTE: "New" purchasers will also have the additional Account part of the process to go through.


For Corporate purchases, the company name should be entered into the Last name field and a . can be used in the First name field (to satisfy it is a required field).


Step 4a: Set Password

For a "new" purchaser (one not registered with Auctria previously), the Account part of The Shopping Cart allows the purchaser to set an appropriate password for their bidder record.


This step can be skipped unless configured as a requirement under Bidder Registration/Checkout.

Step 5: Guests

Once the Contact details (and Account) parts have been completed, click on the Continue to Guests button to move on to the next part of The Shopping Cart.

By default, the first ticket will be assigned to the purchaser... this can be changed by clicking on the Edit link to the far-right of the ticket row.


The Guest view for the Table of 8 tickets package example.

Step 5a: Re-Assigning The First Ticket

Clicking on the Edit button will pop open the Edit Guest window.


To Re-Assign The First Ticket, the purchaser would uncheck the Assign this ticket to yourself option -- this will immediately open the Edit Guest window (Guest Of...) view for the purchaser.


The "Guest Of..." view -- clicking the Save button will return the purchaser to the Guests window.


Any ticket can be re-assigned to be used by the purchaser from this Guests part of The Shopping Cart by checking the Assign this ticket to yourself option for that guest.

Step 6: Editing Guests

From the main Guest part of The Shopping Cart you can, as needed, edit the Guests by clicking on the appropriate row's Edit link to open the Guest Of... view (see above) and enter the appropriate details for the particular guest(s).

Step 7: Payments

Once the Guest details have been addressed, the purchaser would click on the Continue to Payment button to proceed. The Payment part of the process provides for a Credit Card to be entered (if credit card processing is enabled).


Step 8: Review

Entering a Credit Card and clicking on the Continue to Review button will take the purchaser to the final step of the process.


Once the Review steps are completed (such as accepting terms and conditions, etc.), the purchaser would click on the Complete Checkout button to finalize the process and have the transaction charged to their credit card; and, a Thank You page will be presented to the purchaser.


In many cases, the sponsor may want to have their logo displayed on the auction website, you will have to reach out to the sponsor to get this logo.

The logo image can be used by the Sponsor Catalog and Sponsor Row elements by adding it to the sponsor's bidder record under the Bidder Details Images tab.

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Last reviewed: February 2023
Corporate Ticket Sales