Update Ticket Details From My Account Page

From their My Account page, a bidder can update the Ticket Details assigned to them.

Update Details

From the My Account page (usually accessed from the menu at the top of the auction website), the bidder can scroll down to the Assigned Tickets and Purchased Tickets section at the bottom of the page to see the tickets that have been assigned to them.


All examples taken from a demonstration event.

Clicking on one of the Update Details buttons will open the appropriate Ticket Details window.


Clicking on the Update Info button will now open the Update Ticket Details window.


The Update Ticket Details window provides areas where the bidder can now update their address information and, if available, their meal choice for the event.

Update Meal Choice

The bidder can also select, or change, their Meal Choices option from a drop-down selector of available choices.


An example of possible meal choices.

Update Ticket

Once any changes have been made, clicking on the Update button will save them and close the window returning the bidder to the Ticket Details page.

Clicking on the Cancel link will close the window without saving any changes and return the bidder to the Ticket Details page.

Last reviewed: June 2023
Update Ticket Details From My Account Page