Fundraising Under COVID-19

Formerly Addressing COVID-19.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect fundraisers and their opportunities to provide In-Person events, there are still many opportunities to allow your guests, donors, and bidders to help you raise funds for your projects.

We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to make your event successful and how critical it is to your organization’s fundraising goals.

A great place to look for ideas is our article Auction Fundraiser in the Shadow of COVID-19open in new window found in our Auctria blog. We also have the article What to do in 2022, Future-proof the Event Fundraiseropen in new window to help keep things on track.

Converting To An Online Fundraiser

Many events are choosing to switch to a purely online auction when the In-Person event is no longer viable due to COVID-19 safety measures. See below for a video showing the conversion process

Auctria Video March 2020

We have more videos on our Vimeoopen in new window and YouTubeopen in new window channels.

Online Auction Webinars

A small sampling of some of our Webinars that are focused on Online Auctions.

Additional Resources

Auctria User Guide References

We've pulled out a selection of User Guide pages below to help make finding this information quicker:

Ticketed Events

If you were selling tickets to your event you will need to decide how to handle existing ticket sales.

For more options on how to handle tickets refunds see:

Communicating With Bidders

You can use Auctria to send a custom email to your bidders to keep them informed of the status of your event. See Custom Emails for more on this process.

You can also update the event website will additional informational for bidders as it becomes available.

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Last reviewed: February 2023
Fundraising Under COVID-19