How To Give Donated Tickets

How To Give Teacher Tickets

Sometimes referred to as "Teacher Tickets," it is common to see donations made to provide a ticket, or tickets, for an "unknown" person by a generous sponsor.

With the intent to provide Tickets for special guests, such as teachers in the below examples, the most straightforward approach is to consider using Donation Items for pooling money to be used for the Donated Tickets you will be giving.

Create a Donation Item

When creating the the Donation Item, the following guidelines may be of assistance:

  1. Use a simple Title for the item, for example Teacher Ticket.
  2. Assign the item Type to Donation.
  3. If adding a description, make sure it is clear what the donation is for.


Donation Items Section

This is where the magic happens:

  • Show in default web purchase element should be enabled.
    This will generally have the donation item displayed with the "Tickets" items.
  • Donation Levels will need to be set -- using an * will provide for an open amount box.
    See  ∞ Donation Levels for more details on setting specific amounts.


The donor could see something like the following when visiting your auction website to buy tickets:


An example partial Item Catalog element taken from a demonstration event.

Sell The Teacher A Ticket

Once your "unknown" guest becomes known, you can then use the Sell Tickets function under the Tickets dashboard to "give" them a Donated Ticket for the event by forcing its sale to $0.00 by enabling the Force sale total to $0 option.


An example taken from a demonstration event.

Last reviewed: November 2023
How To Give Donated Tickets