How To Create A Faculty Ticket

How do I create a "TEACHER" ticket?

It is a common occurrence with school based fundraisers to have parents and/or other generous donors want to provide teachers with a "free" ticket to the in-person event although they may not know specifically which teacher may not have a ticket, yet.

This is best handled under the same ideas as Gift Certificates and/or "vouchers" for these tickets. This is also essentially a two-step process.

Create The Faculty Ticket Item

Although it is common place, the item that is to be created should not actually be a Tickets item but instead it should be treated like Gift Certificates.

One example to consider would be a For Sale Items type that is available with the other in-person Tickets available to parents and other interested visitors. This would allow ticket purchasers to add it to their purchase and/or purchase the Faculty Ticket on its own.


An example "Teacher" ticket taken from a demonstration event.
  • It's a good idea to give the item a special item# such as TEACHER.
  • It's also good to use a relevant title, such as Faculty Ticket.
  • Set an appropriate Value in the "Pricing" section (similar to other "in-person" tickets).
  • Enable the option to show in the default purchase element (to display with other ticket items).

There are more details you could add such as the item description, etc. although the above should be considered the basics with the For Sale Item approach. Using the  ∞ Add New Ticket Item function will help with setting some of the above for you.

  • Using the Is gift certificate option to help identify the item as something that will be given. img
    • This also provides for printing a "voucher" as needed.
    • NOTE: this option must be enabled after the ticket item has been created.

Sell An Attendance Ticket To The Faculty Member

At any time after you have sold Faculty Tickets, you can start applying these "gift certificates/vouchers" to actual Tickets that are used for attendance at the in-person event.

You would use the Sell Tickets function to sell the actual ticket; and, you could also use the vouchers to keep a track of which teachers have been provided a Faculty Ticket.

You could also use the Checkout Payment Options settings to create a specific payment method type to further track these ticket sales.

Last reviewed: November 2023
How To Create A Faculty Ticket