How To Change The Purchaser To A Guest

There may be cases, especially when you Sell Sponsorship Tickets, where the purchaser of a ticket package may not be able to attend or may have accidentally purchased a ticket for themselves when they meant to purchase tickets only for their guests.

This can be changed via the Create new bidder & assign ticket option.


An example passthrough using demo auction data.

Changing a "Purchaser" to a "Guest Of..." is very easy to do in Auctria although it does take a few clicks to get to the option where this happens.

  • Locate the purchaser (this will be under the Bidders list).
  • Open their Bidder Record (double-clicking from the bidder list will work well).
  • Click on their Activity tab and scroll to the "Tickets Assigned" section.
  • On the row of the assigned ticket you want to change, click on the options menu icon at the far-right (three vertical dots).
  • Click on the option to "Create new bidder & assign ticket".
  • Click on "continue"... done.

A progress pop-up will display the message Generating new guests; and, once finished, the page will refresh with the purchaser's ticket now showing as a "Guest of..." ticket.

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See Update Ticket Details From My Account Page for information on how to proceed with changing the "Guest of..." ticket to the appropriate attendee details as needed.

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Last reviewed: January 2024
How To Change The Purchaser To A Guest