Auctria supports events and bidders all over the world and their start, and end, times for bidding are crucial. There are several places that timezones come into play:

  1. when entering online bidding start, and end, times;
  2. some elements allow you to specify a start, and end, time; and,
  3. when defining the Organization's timezone.

When viewing, or entering, a date/time into Auctria you will always see the value in your current timezone which is determined by your browser's settings.



When a bidder views the times online they are also seeing them in their timezone. If a bidder on the East coast sees an end time of 12:00AM (midnight, in their local time) a bidder on the West coast will see 9:00PM (in their local time).

If you are organizing an event that will be in a different timezone from the one you are in, you should enter the bidding start, and end, times adjusted for your timezone.

For example, if you are organizing an East coast event from the West coast, you would want to enter the end time as 9:00PM since it will be being entered in PST (Pacific Standard Time) in order to have the bidding end at 12:00AM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Organization Timezone

You can also specify a timezone for the Organization. Follow the Organization menu item from the Auction Dashboard to access the Organization's DETAILS tab and set the timezone in the Settings panel. See Details page for more information.


This "Timezone" setting is only used when the system needs to generate a date/time and doesn't know the timezone it will be viewed in. For example, when generating an email, we don't know the timezone of the bidder and will format the closing time using the Organization's timezone.

Last reviewed: February 2023