How To Switch Organizations

Your email address/password credential set can be associated with multiple distinct organizations in Auctria, and you can switch between organizations you are working with at any given time.

Suppose you are registered as a User for an event. In that case, click on your email address (or the "options" -- three vertical dots -- menu icon) in the page header to find a link to your My Profile page. See Your Profile for additional general information.


Your Profile page opens with a view of the Roles tab showing the User roles you have with which Organizations. All organizations where you are registered with a User Account will appear in an alphabetically sorted list. Clicking on the Organization's name will switch to that Organization.


An example from a demonstration event.


Below the list of User roles will be another section listing Bidder roles in events where you are also one of the Bidders for the event. If you also have a User Account for the event, clicking on the Bidder role event link will also change to its relevant Organization.

Last reviewed: February 2023
How To Switch Organizations
See how to change to another organization when involved with more than one.